Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that the Digsville website will be no longer available as of January 31st 2017. We thank you for your support and camaraderie since 1999.

If you would like to save any of your content and images, please log into the website soon.

Happy Trails,

~~Helen and the Digsville Team
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Welcometo Digsville!
We arepleased to introduce an exciting way for you totravel the worldnot only at a fraction of the cost, but with a true insightinto your chosen destination.Click here for definitions of terms.

Why should I try Digsville?
Let's face it: we're all tired of taking the same vacation or long weekend. Even the best of these trips tend to be cumbersome (and expensive) trying to rest and relax in a hotel, B and B, or resort. After all, the accommodations are tight, privacy is minimal, never enough bathrooms, and the scene is overly "tourist" with rarely the opportunity to enjoy the destination as a local.

Digsville isthe place where you can take advantage of the many benefits of home exchange among a group of people you connect with, your fellowDigsville members. We even have a commmunity Bill of Rights so you know what to expect from this community. And best of all, it's quick, safe, efficient and you'll travel locally or abroad and never pay for a hotel room again!

What's different about Digsville from other online home exchange services?
Digsville is simple and easy to use and most importantly -you getresults! Whetheryou're looking to get away for a quick weekend, several weeks or even an annual sabbatical (and everything in between), Digsville can be your source of endless travel adventure for years to come. We guarantee it!

Ooops, almost forgot, have you seen the home listing and member profile questions?Both arefull of detail about your swapping partners, their homes and neighborhood (without revealing personally identifiableinfo of course). Questions like "What is your housekeeping style?" tells a lot about what you can expect and begins to provide you with a higher level of comfort in planning your next swap. Unlimited photos and captions allow you to get a really good idea of your new digs.

Special Features....
Specially designed for you is U-Rate - an industry first unique peer-to-peer home exchange rating system. Digsville is a community of review, a star rating and an objective rating goes a long way in choosing your next home exchange partner. Digsville alsohas robustsearch features so you can search many attributes to easily locateyour next vacation. For example, if you like the golf (or skiing or the beach,) you can easily search on "Golf" and find all the home listings currently available in or near golf destinations. And again, it's all done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Privacy - Contact information (address andphone)is never exposed to another member until you choose to do so. Even when you initially contact another member your e-mail address is one-way "blinded" by our system to further protect your personal information. Read our Privacy Policy.

Digsville implemened a communication feature at the request of our members! Never again worry about lost email and not receiving messages. Just log in with your username and password and you'll have a copy and complete history of all your communications with another member right in your very own mailbox!

Digsvilleoffers many travel industry firsts including,a personalizedaccount page which automatically saves your searches, favorites, track contacts and much more. TripWish helps you find the exchange, vacation rental or hospitality arrangement that works for you.

How much does it cost?
It'sFREE, that's right, sign on, fill out a listing and start contacting others.There are no hidden charges or transaction fees. Join now.

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