Dear Friends,

We regret to inform you that the Digsville website will be no longer available as of January 31st 2017. We thank you for your support and camaraderie since 1999.

If you would like to save any of your content and images, please log into the website soon.

Happy Trails,

~~Helen and the Digsville Team
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The Digsville Home Exchange Club
Bill of Rights
was created to enhance the home exchange experiences of all members by implementing a clear set of member-to-member expectations for mutual respect, safety and enjoyment.

As such, we agree that as relates to home exchange with other Digsville members we will:

Always provide fellow members with a clean, safe, and secure home.
Insure accuracy in our home listing descriptions. Keep potential swap partners informed of any changes in your home that may affect their stay.
Conduct ourselves in a mature and respectful manner in all actions and communications with other members. This includes following through with plans of home exchange except in the most dire of circumstances. If a confirmed plan must be cancelled , do our best to rectify the situation the best we can.
Maintain a current e-mail address, check e-mail on a regular basis, and respond to all inquiries from fellow members regardless of interest level.
Treat the home of a fellow member in the same or better manner than our own. Respect all house rules e.g. no shoes to be worn indoors etc.
Provide home exchange guests with a minimum of the following necessities: map of the local area, local emergency phone numbers, fresh linens and towels, instructions on home security, documentation of house rules, location of utility box and two sets of house keys.
Place no requirements for household chores on members unless discussed and agreed to in advance.
Inform our host member of any additional household guests during the swap.
Report and offer compensation for any damage caused by our family or guests.
Provide service to the Digsville community by completing a U-Rate (member generated objective rating system) for all home exchange, vacation rentals, and/or hospitality stays.

Please contact customer support with any suggested changes or additions to the Digsville Home Exchange Club Member Bill of Rights. In addition, please notify us of members that act with a flagrant disregard of your rights as a member. We welcome you to join the Digsville Home Exchange Club today click here.

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