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The offer was too good to pass up!

By Evelyn - Augsburg, Germany Click here for Evelyn's listing and offer.

This year we had our 7th exchange and although every exchange we experienced so far was really great and something special by itself, this year's vacation was absolutely outstanding. We were contacted by a retired American couple who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and also has a lodge close to Lake Tahoe. We were looking for holidays in Europe since we had exchanged with Florida the year before, but this offer was very appealing. You see ever since I can imagine I wanted to go to Tahoe and a combination with San Francisco was just to good to be true. Two fantastic destinatations at once was too good to pass up. Serendipity!

After we welcomed our exchange partners at our house and got to know them we found out that our ideas about travelling were very similar and we felt like old friends. The next day we took off and were picked up by their son at SFO Airport. We had a great time exploring the area since they provided a huge amount of information, maps and tips what to do etc. Klaus and Tobias could use their bikes and they made some rides through the nearby hills and managed the flume trail. The neighbours were really sweet and we spent some good time together.

Our exchange partners seemed to have grand time as well. They were bicyclist and toured the area up to 60 km daily. Almost every day they updated their website with new pictures and stories of their vacation. Sometimes, when we read it we thought: They were to places we've never even heard of. It was a mutual positive exchange and we hope we will experience many more of them. With every exchange our excitement about "travelling the home exchange way" increased and we are absolutley enthralled by the idea. We can't imagine spending our vacation any other way than exchanging. We're - as one of our fellow digsville members pointed it out - addicted to home exchange!