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Latest trends in home exchange

Digsville Daily Extra
Monday, December 04, 2006
Latest trends in home exchange

Swapping of secondary/vacation homes and non-simultaneous swaps are on the rise in a big way!

Since 1999 Digsville's mission has been to provide you the best possible experience in planning and securing your next home exchange. We can only do that if we know who you are and what you're looking for. Over the years, the demographics have changed dramatically. What was once the savvy mode of travel for teachers (in the 50s and 60s) has crossed over to just about every profession, generation, and econonic group. Just take a look at the home listings and you'll see what I mean.

In the past year vacation home owners have become the fastest growing segment of the Digsville membership! Close to 20% of the Digsville listings are vacation/secondary homes. We're not surprised, because it makes perfect sense. Your home is sitting empty part of the time, why not swap it to start traveling more than than ever. Exchanging homes gets even easier when you have a second home to exchange. Owning a vacation home can open more doors than just your front door! Non-simultaneous swapping is the fasting growing trend within the home exchange industry. Just think about it - you let someone stay in your vacation home while you're not using (or renting) it, no worry about conflicting schedules. Or perhaps you are the first recipient of the vacation home stay. In either case, the swap is not dependent on the dates and you can travel when and where you like. Exchanging your secondary/vacation home provides you the flexibility in swapping like never before.

Look at this scenerio: you want to take a family vacation and have found the perfect villa in Italy. The owners there would love to exchange with you but your dates don't match perfectly. Now, imagine that one of you is exchanging a second home rather than your primary home. You can go to Italy with your family when it's convenience for you, and your exchange partners can visit you at another time (you would make your home available to them at another time that suits you best). Any time your vacation home is unoccupied it can be parlayed into a free vacation anywhere in the world. Your empty asset becomes fully valued. With a second home, you can exchange or rent it with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your primary home remains pristinely yours, even while you vacation and travel elsewhere. Read a recent press release about baby-boomers swapping their secondary city digs.