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Friday, May 27, 2011
Creative Swapping.... Try it ..... you'll like it!

Most of my time in the office is spent fielding emails from Digsville members - new and veterans alike. Our new members are typically looking for anwswers on how to find a swap, that's an easy one. I walk them through the search and browse features of the site, guide them in filling out the listing form, adding photos and anything that will make their offer shine. I encourage them to be pro-active and contact others in areas they  wish to travel while keeping an open mind to offers that may come their way from destinations around the globe they may not have considered.
These exchanges could be the trip of a lifetime.

More and more I'm attempting to explain how more experienced exchangers are planning non-simultaneous swaps. This can be done in several ways. If you or your potential swap partners are swapping a second/vacation home, certainly there's some flexibility from the beginning.  Others offer their home during time periods when they're visiting friends and relatives and coordinate with their swap partners for a stay in their place at another time in the future. While you're gone your home will be well cared for, plants watered, fish fed and you'll have banked yet another free vacation! Have you tried 3 and 4 party swaps? All you need to do is find several people who have similar travel plans in mind and within several emails you can have a plan in place within weeks.

Bottom line is the one-on-one swap if not the norm anymore and creativity gets results.

Have a tip or home exchange story? Contact us today!

Send me your stories (and pics) and I'll reserve a permanent place on the Digsville website with a link to your listing - this will be promo for your offer for years to come! Digsville keychains will be mailed to the first 25 tips and stories.

Happy Swapping, Helen Coyle Bergstein, Caretaker , The Digsville Home Exchange Club